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Discover a space for creating incredibly beautiful batiks.

Getting Started

You're new to batik and want to get started, but not sure where to begin or what you'll need.  You definitely want to avoid wasting time and money on unnecessary mistakes.  You appreciate the flexibility of learning at your own pace.

The Advanced Fiber Artist

You are experienced with batik and crave a setting for inspiration.  You're looking for awesome resources from vetted suppliers and tested products.  You enjoy the care and compassion provided in a professionally organized community setting.

The Money Maker!

What does it take to sell your fiber art creations, online?  Your own website or Etsy?  At a festival?  Get insider info with shared experiences and insights to future trends.  Find out what it takes to churn a profit with your own amazing artwork.

How Much To Invest For My Batik Supply Stash?

Good question!  Before you begin any new adventure, you'll want to start with a reasonable budget.  I'm all about efficiency, and it sucks to waste money and time on pointless supplies you don't really need, especially when you are new to a craft.  Back when I started in 1989, it took me about $100 to gather my batik supplies before I turned my first profit.  30 years later, I'm really happy to show you how to get started for even less than that.  You may have some supplies already at hand, making it even easier to start!


Who Is This Workshop Not For?  It's true, this workshop is not for everyone.  This is not a place to distract members, administrators, or instructors from our bright and colorful art journey.  No trickery or rudeness!  Basically anyone banned on any Batikwalla social media platform.  Clearly this does not apply to most people reading this, but it needs to be said.  We do vet our members for safety and security.

Do you thrive in a creative environment?  Are you attracted to inspiration?  We hear you!!

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