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Getting Started

You're new to batik and want to get started, but not sure where to begin or what to do.  I've been in this exact spot and remember it well.  I can help you avoid wasting time, energy and money on needless mistakes.

Watch the first 5 vids and you WILL get results.  People will be shocked at how good you are at batik.  You're welcome.

You Have The Hang Of This!

Maybe you already know a bit about batik.  Great!  You'll love the insights and ambiance of my studio space.  You'll have the opportunity to study and finish my pre-waxed batik pieces in your hands.  This special listing is only available for purchase through our unique workshop. 

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The Advanced Fiber Artist

You are an advanced artist with aspirations of profiting from your own fiber art business.  

This workshop provides insider information and instructions not shared with the public.  This includes live mixing of fabric dyes, sharing of wholesale resources, explanations of sales strategies, with clarifications of profit margins you'll want to maintain to succeed as a sustainable artist.

Batikwalla by Victoria

How Much To Invest For My Batik Supplies?

Before you begin any creative adventure, you'll want to start with a reasonable budget.  With this workshop, you won't waste energy or money on mistakes, like I did, having no guidance at all.  Here we go straight to your most optimized outcome for success.  Once inside, you will see the very important lists of resources I recommend and use myself. 

Depending on your shopping style, or how far you want to take your fiber art journey, a beginning budget should be around $100 - $200, and a relaxed timeline of 1 - 3 months to allow for learning the process.


Who Is This Workshop Not For?  True, this workshop is not for everyone.   True, this workshop is not just for everyone and anyone!  There are boundaries, for example: No attention hackers, no copycats, no trickery or rudeness. Anyone banned on any Batikwalla social media platform is not welcome.  Obviously this does not apply to most people reading this, thank goodness, but it must be said because this is the internet.  We do vet our members for overall security and good vibes.  

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions: This is a monthly, continuous, online workshop. You may cancel anytime through the settings ON YOUR ACCOUNT PROFILE, which is automatically created upon joining. Permission or correspondence is not necessary for cancellation. Note: simply leaving the Facebook group is not the same as cancellation, so please be accountable to your payment methods and membership profile. While I am the main admin and instructor, I do not have access to your private information, your card number, or physical mailing address.

The Art Of Creative Batik Online Workshop

Batikwalla by Victoria Click here to get in. Learn about temperature, beeswax, dyes, layering color, and fabrics. All videos and listings are saved for this purpose.


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